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Student Work – Lexane Rousseau

April 23, 2009 | 1 Comment


Designed by Lexane Rousseau | Country: Canada

Capilano University IDEA graduate Lexane Rousseau sent us this lovely work.



Sciendo Spices – The main challenge for this project was to produce an object that left the least possible waste while remaining practical. The logo is based on the fact that mixing spices is a science. The packaging works on a refill and magnetic system and is accompanied with customizable labels.

The bottles hold on any magnetic surface of the kitchen. Special Packages are held together by two magnets placed on either side of the spices. Little holes in the magnets allow the consumer to screw them in any part of his kitchen to hang the spices at the most convenient spot. The refills come in an easily recyclable bag where the sticker can also be “re-sticked” onto the bottle.”



Azza Coffee – Coffee packaging for espresso coffee. The challenge was to give an easy usability to the consumer who doesn’t know exactly how much coffee is needed per cup, and might want to bring some to work without transporting the whole package. Also the coffee should keep fresh for as long as the consumer has it, regardless of the amount of coffee he/she drinks. The solution is a colour-coded individual coffee packaging for easy use and remaining of freshness.”



Cleats – Velcro shoebox inspired by a sport, practicality and convenience. Design must showcase the product, identify the model and allow the product to be removed and returned to the box with ease. Removable Velcro on the bottom of the shoes mimics the specialty of the shoes and keeps them in place in their box.”


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  1. Jono
    August 13th, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

    Hey i’m going to capilano this fall! nice to see something local :)

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