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Student Work – Manuel Bortoletti

December 9, 2013 | No Comments

Designed by Manuel Bortoletti | Country: Italy

“The project illustrates the brand identity of Tenuta Veneta, the name of a fictitious multifunctional structure which promotes the quality of the agri-food of the Italian region Veneto.

The products are not only bought here, but also consumed and studied. To offer that service, Tenuta Veneta is composed by a bistro, a shop and a place where it organizes cooking class, tastings and teaching.”

“The design process starts with the search for a visual in line with the values of Tenuta Veneta, particularly focusing towards the producer/consumer relationship and the provision of healthy and natural food. In this sense, the logical path led to the conclusion that the protagonists of the Veneto agri-food reality are nothing more than those located at the origin of the production process: plants and animals from which raw materials are derived, and the producer that collects and transforms them.

So, the visual project starts with the logo analysis, whose purpose is giving the feeling of direct contact between the producer and the final consumer. Then, it continues with studying the labels of the products sold in the shop, trying to create a consistent visual identity, adhering to the values of the brand.”


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