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Student Work – Stren Pipkin

August 21, 2011 | No Comments

Designed by Stren Pipkin | Country: United States

Cambium is more than a shop, its a family

Main demographic focuses on 50-60 yr male woodworkers who lives in the city but currently don”t have access to a shop. Members of Cambium pay a monthly fee to have access to industrial machines and tools. Once enrolled in the program members receive a canvas covered clam-shell box with magnetic closure and orange nylon detailing. Inside this box they will find a 4 piece kit of fine rosewood and brass tools, apron and safety glasses.

This concept focuses on 1940’s muted color scheme, traditional illustrations with modern styling.”

Go further with Becane

Given brief, required the package to clearly demonstrate resilience, turn of the century Tour de France bike culture and showcase the valve stem. Research defined circles and arches as the most resilient shape in history specifically the roman coliseum and ancient bridges but also throughout Europe and Asia, for centuries. The circle became a key design element for the package shape the reveal window.

A majority of design process was used to consider developing a unique new package interface for the user, before, during and after purchase. A new two part hybrid of portable package and simple tube sales interface provides dual purpose for high-end retail of mass market, hanging or standing.

The user will open the package by pulling the tear cord on the back of tube releasing the pressure so the inner TYVEK pack can be easily removed and placed in a pocket or backpack on long bike trips.”


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Lovely Package

Curating the very best packaging design