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Supersonic Coffee

July 1, 2015 | 1 Comment


Designed by Brian W. Jones | Country: Sweden

“Supersonic was born with the mission to create a world class specialty coffee company. Apart from enjoying delicious coffee, the founders of the company also believe in the value of design and its power to differentiate, so it has been integral to the company from the very start.¬†From the name itself, to the packaging and future coffee shops, the brand has positioned itself to stand apart from the bespoke aesthetic that is all too common in the industry.”




“Making great coffee is part craft and part science, but Supersonic has embraced the latter side of the trade with its brand. Supersonic is inspired by the marvels of the future, all of the things we were promised when we were young, and the never ending pursuit to create something better.”


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“These new retail bags for Supersonic are not only meant to distinguish themselves from others on crowded retail shelves but also maintain freshness and quality. The entirely custom shape of the bag utilizes a unique horizontal footprint that makes them more balanced as well as easily stackable. A die-cut pull tab reveals a resealable zip closure that allow users a convenient way to keep their coffee fresher for longer. There is also a first-of-its-kind wallpaper printed on the inside of the bag that illuminates the coffee itself and adds another layer of joy to the experience.”


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One Response to “Supersonic Coffee”

  1. Vittoria Magrelli
    October 29th, 2015 @ 9:53 am

    Hi, I love this packaging! what’s the name of the producer of the bag and the printer?
    Thanks, Vittoria

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