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Wedding Invitation

December 25, 2010 | 4 Comments

Designed by Chris Trivizas | Country: Greece

“We are going to tie the knot. In the Greek language, there is an expression that uses the word “hang” in order to say “marry”. So, traditionally, when the father of the bride says “I will hang them”, he means that he will tie the couple with the holly bond of marriage.

This tradition inspired a humorous invitation that includes both a rope and instructions on how to make a slip knot.”


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4 Responses to “Wedding Invitation”

  1. Michelle
    January 8th, 2011 @ 12:31 am

    Haha – what a smart, humorous and unique invitation. There is nothing like it. Great job!

  2. Maria Black
    March 6th, 2011 @ 6:59 pm

    I love this idea. It is so smart and cute. I can’t even begin to imagine what the wedding was like. What an impression.

  3. Allison
    August 11th, 2011 @ 8:51 pm

    Where would you be able to buy something like this?

  4. Aimie Broadhead
    June 19th, 2014 @ 11:47 am

    Great idea, really unique. I was wandering how much they would cost for 19? Thank you

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