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Giesen ten Kate

May 26, 2015 | No Comments


Designed by Millford | Country: The Netherlands

“Giesen ten Kate (GTK) … a small brand with a sky-high ambition and a gun factor. They recently invited Millford to design their brand and packaging line for starting coffee partners.

In order to present a brand that blends in with Giesen ten Kate’s dream AND passion about coffee and how it is made, we set out to find a unique story. One that is perfect for the product and the people representing GTK.

GTK looks at coffee from a whole different perspective. The team outlines its own policy to provide coffee they too can’t resist. Discovery, enthusiasm and commitment have been the basic ingredients of the design, style and packaging.”


“Goatherd Kaldi may well be the one who discovered coffee as we know it today, but he would have gotten nowhere without his goats. Because of GTK’s unique approach to coffee, within this brand the goat is pivotal rather than Kaldi. This headstrong animal is the great adventurer of GTK, representing not only ambition, but also enthusiasm and passion. 

The versatile style of this brand allows products to pioneer, grow and at the same time they are perceived as reliable. The packaging makes you smile, confirming the craft with which coffee is processed. GTK believes coffee will only taste really good provided it has been made with great passion, in all fairness. GTK is delighted to share the experience.”



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