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Jameson Bitters

August 14, 2015 | No Comments


Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom

“Pearlfisher has created the brand and packaging design for the new Wild Sloe Berry Bitters, byJameson. This is a new, beautifully crafted and locally sourced Bitters brand from Jameson thatdelves into the brand’s Irish roots and flavours, and is designed to give influential bartenders anddrink enthusiasts new ways to enjoy and experience the iconic whiskey brand.

With the rapid growth in Bitters brands, a certain “type” of Bitters language is quickly saturatingthe category. Pearlfisher’s task was to create a visually distinctive look and feel for JamesonBitters, whilst ensuring we complement, respect and become a great companion to the Jamesonmaster brand.”


“Pearlfisher Senior Creative Strategist, Jack Hart, commented, “We wanted to use Bitters as anopportunity to tell a story of authenticity, not around heritage, but specifically through the productorigins, how it’s sourced, foraged and made. This allows Jameson to enhance its credentials asa true localvore, sharing their knowledge of the Irish countryside and all it has to offer. In this way,we better connect bartenders to the whole drinks-making process and provide them withgenuine gestures that take them beyond the bar and to the very source of the ingredients theyuse.”

“Pearlfisher Creative Director, Sarah Cattle, commented, “The new design is honest andunpretentious, capturing and preserving the essence of hand foraging with a raw and rusticdelivery. The Jameson hierarchy is maintained but the label encapsulates the idea of steppinginto the wild, and the journey of the forager, by using natural stock, hand illustrated and handwritten detailing with a single-minded and simple use of colour representing the natural andseasonal ingredient.”


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