Student Work

Designed by Sydney Goldstein | Country: United States “A unique food truck, obsessed with oddities. The pigeon follows the traveling circus from city to city.”

Designed by Hannah Hart | Country: United States “For this project I was assigned to create alcohol packaging, so I chose to do Mexican tequila. As

Designed by Emily Claire Guin | Country: United States “Dash – based in San Francisco – was founded in 2011 by two chefs who were both disenchanted and

Designed by Marcel Messner | Country: Germany “Honest, authentic, strong – that’s KOLBEN, a real beer for real men. It’s the perfect refreshment after you spent a whole

Designed by Alyssa Phillips | Country: United States “I was given the assignment to package a found object inside of a related object. I chose to package

Designed by Brennan Gleason | Country: Canada “This self directed student project for my final semester of design school was initiated with the goal in mind

Designed by Anastasia Ovsyannikova | Country: Russia “Packaging of meat chips for teens. The flavor lineup includes: pork, beef, chicken and rabbit. It’s a fancy and healthy snack, an

Designed by Barysheva Yana | Country: Russia “Elixir was chosen as the brand name as it is widely known to represent eternal life, immortality, and well

Popular designs

Rebranding Mayawell: A Blend of Mexican Heritage and Healthy Living

Discover Mayawell, a Mexican-owned beverage company that celebrates its heritage with natural, organic, and prebiotic drinks. The rebranding strikes a balance between traditional elements and contemporary design, offering a unique, healthy alternative to traditional sodas.

Hooh Studio Designs Egoiste Brut from Kreinbacher

Hooh Studio’s creation, the Egoïste label for Kreinbacher Estate, exudes an air of sophistication. Utilizing black natural paper and metallic foil, it achieves a flawless fusion of elegance.