Popular designs

Clover Farmstead Butter

Designed by Voicebox Creative | Country: United States “A circular, ceramic crock, in a natural cream-color with a matching “Clover Farmstead” embossed

Student Work – Alexandre Michaud

Designed by Alexandre Michaud | Country: Canada Student work for body gel and moisturizer created under professor Sylvain Allard at UQAM, who

Thomas Haas

Country: Canada | Via Chocolatierra | Font: Helvetica “At Thomas Haas Chocolates, we carefully choose our raw ingredients and select only the

Llanllyr Source

Designed by Adam&Co | Country: United Kingdom “Since 1180, the organically farmed fields of Llanllyr, Wales has been producing near perfect natural

Românico Bordados

Designed by VOLTA | Country: Portugal “Românico Bordados (embroidery) wants to recover the famous Vale do Sousa (an area in Northern Portugal)