Designed by Koniak Design | Country: Israel “The name ‘Atura’ is a biblical word meaning ‘adorned’ or ‘crowned’. Atura is a bespoke musk perfume formulated by

Popular designs

Vi de Pagès Limited Edition

Designed by Oriol Pascual | Country: Spain “Limited edition consisting of 99 bottles containing “vi de pagès”, a young red wine that


Designed by Remko van Buren | Country: The Netherlands “The unique feature in this design is that we succeeded in “twisting” the cardboard

Bold City Brewery

Designed by The Robin Shepherd Group | Country: United States “In the fall of 2008, Jacksonville, Florida-based Bold City Brewery opened its

Chocolates With Attitude

Designed by Bessermachen | Country: Denmark “One big and beautiful box contains 12 smaller boxes and each box represents an archetype/a personality.

Kabuto Noodles

Designed by B&B Studio | Country: United Kingdom “Kabuto Noodles are a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients, prepared