Popular designs

Swoon Cookie Crafters

Designed by Meers | Country: United States “Originally called PS-Sweets, this custom sugar-cookie maker was ready for a complete rebrand to spur

Pago de los Capellanes

Designed by Mucho | Country: Spain “DVD packaging for Pago de los Capellanes, a special winery from Spain. It was a quite

Italian Spaghetti

Designed by Neal Fletcher | Country: United Kingdom We featured Neal’s student packaging concept for spaghetti back in August. He’s since redesigned

Student Work – Brennan Gleason

Designed by Brennan Gleason | Country: Canada “This self directed student project for my final semester of design school was initiated with

Sonia Cheadle

Designed by William Hall | Country: United Kingdom “Sonia Cheadle has established a reputation for luxurious and innovative contemporary diamond jewellery. The