Popular designs

Nestlé Black Magic

Designed by Elmwood | Country: United Kingdom “Nestlé was keen to bring dark chocolate into the mainstream using it’s much-loved Black Magic


Designed by The Moderns | Country: United States “Berry+ is a 95% berry-based, 100% plant-based laundry soap. Unlike conventional detergents that come

SeedWise: Tiny Seeds Doing Big Things

“After thriving in the bread aisle for 25 years, we felt it was time to take our expert baking skills into the snacking industry. We’re confident that SeedWise will give customers that delicious and actually good for you snack they’ve been searching for in the market…”

Boots Original Beauty Formulas

Designed by Camilla Lilliesköld | Country: United Kingdom “This heritage range was created for Boots The Chemist. It was inspired by Boots

Celler Cairats

Designed by Dorian | Country: Spain “Celler Cairats is a young catalan winery that started in 2010. Their vineyards are located in