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Popular designs

Student Work – Tiffany Shih

Designed by Tiffany Shih | Country: United States “This is a concept for a “RePackaging” assignment in which I chose to repackage

Lærdal Grønt

Designed by Strømme Throndsen Design | Country: Norway Unique branding and clean sophisticated package design for Lærdal Grønt fruit farmers.

Connoisseur Ice Cream

Designed by Asprey Creative | Country: Australia “The new Connoisseur brand is a bold and contemporary reinvention that gives it far broader

Farnham Ale & Lager Brewery

Designed by lg2boutique | Country: Canada “The Farnham Ale & Lager Brewery is a new company that has just made a splash in the

Lapp&Fao Chocolate Books

Designed by ONLYFORTHEFUTURE | Country: Germany “The story behind Linvard Bo Lapp and his partner Ephraim Fao is full of discoveries. When they