Popular designs

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Designed by Creature | Country: United States “Seattle’s Best Coffee, part of Starbucks Corporation, today announced a radically simplified packaged coffee line

The Fresh Pasta Company

Designed by P&W | Country: United Kingdom “The brief: Packaging for a company producing high end, handmade fresh pasta. The solution: We

Let Me Be

Designed by Bob Helsinki | Country: Finland “Premium hair care range by Bob Helsinki for Miraculos. We wanted our new premium line to

Waldo Trommler Paint

Designed by Reynolds and Reyner | Country: Ukraine “Objective: In 2011 Reynolds and Reyner finished two huge projects redesigning international brands of paints. After

Cuberdons Léopold

Designed by Jérôme Stéfanski | Country: Belgium “Cuberdons are traditional Belgian sweet born in the 19th century. Cuberdons Léopold is a yound and modern brand