Popular designs

The Deli Garage Schokoleim

Designed by KOREFE | Country: Germany “Schokoleim is a chocolate paste, packaged in the classic wood glue bottle. The Food Label The

The Gild

Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom “Task: To create a new standout and authentic whisky brand for the Russian market and beyond that

Čebelarstvo Korinšek Honey

Designed by Katja Korinšek | Country: Slovenia “Identity and packaging for honey makers Čebelarstvo Korinšek. In the logo is traditional Slovenian bee.

Branson Coach House

Designed by Mash | Country: Australia “This super premium wine is a simple typographic approach using 1 colour screen printing with a

Juan Montaña

Designed by Sociedad Anónima | Country: Mexico “Moonshine was the name given to illegally distilled whiskey during the US Prohibition, among this time, production was