Popular designs

It Pops

Designed by Beatrice Menis | Country: Sweden “The goal was to communicate the tradition and the natural ingredients used for in the

E/M Jam

Designed by Eszter Laki | Country: Hungary Packaging design for a self-made strawberry jam. “When the season finally arrived, we went to

Student Work – Jamie Prendergast

Designed by Jamie Prendergast | Country: United States “This redesign of V8’s V-fusion packaging was part of an assignment for an Advanced

Taylor’s Cider Champagne

Designed by Ruth Pearson | Country: United Kingdom “Lovingly made and hand crafted Champagne Cider, symbolised by a heart shaped apple.”

Sexy Tina Milky Vodka

Designed by Pavel Gubin | Country: Russia I love this concept! I can just see people drinking straight from the bottle with