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Popular designs

L’Or de Jean Martell Cognac

Designed by Dragon Rouge | Country: France “Already one of the world’s leading brands of cognac and enjoying growing success in Asia,

Asylum Sounds CD

Designed by Asylum | Country: Singapore “Music generates soundscapes not unlike the topology of a landscape. The CD packaging is a manifestation

Floating Mountain

Designed by Concrete Creative | Country: New Zealand “Floating Mountain owned by Dancing Water, Waipara, New Zealand wanted a revised label. We

La Tomatina

Designed by Chris Cavill | Country: United Kingdom “Pitched advertising campaign for the world’s largest tomato festival La Tomatina, situated in Bunol,

Student Work – Chelsea Hendrickson

Designed by Chelsea Hendrickson | Country: United States “I designed the identity and packaging for Dapper Chap Mustache Wax, the Gentleman’s Whisker