Brooks Brothers

Popular designs

Crocodile Boxes

Designed by Lowe Brindfors | Country: Sweden It is normally quite unusual to see anything sophisticated being designed for children’s packaging, but

Vi Novell

Designed by Atipus | Country: Spain “Traditionally, in November, coinciding with the celebration of the slaughtering of the pig, the ‘Vi Novell’ is bottled.


Designed by Menta | Country: Spain “Alturia, from Alturia Wineries, is a white wine which focuses on native white varieties from Valencia.

OEA Olive Oil

Designed by Salad Creative | Country: United Kingdom Colourful, fun packaging for Dorset-based Olives Et Al olive oil.

Carlsberg Nordic Collection

Designed by Safari Sundays | Country: United States “Safari Sundays was challenged to design a range of bottles that celebrates the trademark