Bulleit Bourbon

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Designed by MARK | Country: South Africa “Nuttall is a small, family-run business. Their delicious range of jams and preserves gets sold

Vilkyškių Pieninė

Designed by VRS WPI Vilnius | Country: Lithuania “Kefir is a very tradicional drink in Lithuania. It is definately not a drink that

Wicked Energy Drink

Designed by War Design | Illustration: Kian Forreal | Country: Australia War teamed up with tattoo artist Kian Forreal to design P&N

De Bandera

Designed by La Fonda Gràfica | Country: Spain “Born in the Guiamets 2013′s vintage, this is a handmade wine with strong personality.

What On Earth

Designed by Mind Design | Country: United Kingdom “We designed the overall packaging concept for this organic food company. The design uses