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Popular designs

Clare Red

Designed by Parallax Design | Country: Australia “The Clare Valley was initially settled by Irish, German and Polish immigrants. Today, The Clare

Hatch Egg Coloring Kit

Designed by Hatch Design | Country: United States Each year, Hatch Design mails over 500 egg coloring kits. Recipients enter a photo

Student Work – Cécile Dumetier

Designed by Cécile Dumetier | Country: France “Branding and packaging for a brand of Tofu. The objective is to westernize this product and

Level Ground

Design by Subplot Design | Country: Canada Following up on the strong success of Level Ground Trading’s 2010 Complete Brand Redesign and Coffee Packaging overhaul,

Student Work – Jin Bae

Designed by Jin Bae | Country: Australia “This boutique bathroom cosmetic product packaging has been designed for the boutique hotel Lindrum in