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Grumpy Mule

Designed by Manifest Communications | Country: United Kingdom “Grumpy Mule was a coffee brand in need of some love. And a bit


Country: United Kingdom “CHOXI+ is the new antioxidant-rich chocolate. Only two squares provide all the antioxidants you need for a whole day.

La Tulipe Wine

Designed by Redthumb | Country: The Netherlands Interesting use of label shape to convey the name of La Tulipe, an award winning

Gazelli Cosmetics

Designed by Gazelli Cosmetics| Country: Azerbaijan “Using her scientific knowledge in the fields of genetics and prevention, Dr. Hamzayeva decided to develop beauty

Dickson Hairshop

Designed by Zoé Roman | Country: New York | Buy it here & here “Dickson Hairshop, an old-school/new-style barber shop hailing from