Popular designs

Student Work – Fran Aldea

Designed by Fran Aldea | Country: Chile “The objective is to make design a fundamental link among different disciplines to solve a

Mighty Rice

Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece “The briefing (in brief): We want a packaging design that will communicate the difference in quality, the refined character

Packaging Design Of Copain

Designed by: Neom | Country: Italy Copain is a French word meaning friends or me and my partner. The French word also

Pacharán Pamplonica

Designed by Contrabriefing | Country: Spain “Licores Baines reinvents the traditional world of its most famous liquor with Pacharán Pamplonica, a new drink


Designed by Peter Gregson | Country: Serbia “Peter Gregson Studio designed the packaging and ID for new brands of organic and non-organic milk, yogurt