Chris Trivizas

Popular designs

Student Work – Christopher Perry

Designed by Christopher Perry | Country: Sweden “Brief: Uncle Willy’s Wonky Crank Arms is a brand and packaging concept for a premium English


Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom “Launched in 2006, Moma challenged the ‘coffee and croissant’ breakfast by producing healthy, energising and

Wooden Toy Quarterly

Designed by Timba Smits | Country: United Kingdom Wooden Toy Quarterly is a heavily designed ‘Boogazine’, half Book, half Magazine. For the

Black Market Goods

Designed by Marco Manansala | Country: United States Conceptual packaging from Los Angeles based designed Marco Manansala. “The project was to create a promotional

Student Work – Ben Huttly

Designed by Ben Huttly | Country: United Kingdom “Through experimentation and innovation I have developed a form of packaging that is 100 percent