Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Blue Lobster

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Changing Lanes Wine

“Changing Lanes is the collaboration of two wine makers, Justin Lane and Mark Lane, who, by sheer coincidence, share the same last

12 Bridges Gin

Designed by Jared Milam | Country: United States “12 Bridges Gin is a small batch, hand-crafted gin made in Portland, Oregon, a


Designed by BVD | Country: Sweden | Fonts used: modified Stymie “Challenge: Treo is a Swedish classic of the 50s and 60s,

Speedo Fast-Skin

Designed by Checkland Kindleysides | Country: United Kingdom “The skin of the shark was the inspiration for the fabric of the Speedo

Student Work – Kevin Kwok

Designed by Kevin Kwok | Country: United States “The redesign of General Electric CFL light bulbs is aimed to bring a friendlier