Popular designs

Matter New Year Gift

Designed by Matter Strategic Design | Country: Canada Matter Strategic Design created these 2 custom notebooks housed in a zipper-perfed mailer as

A’ Packaging Design Award Winners

Undercover Pinot Noir by Alexandru Patru Lovely Package presents the winners of worldwide A’ Design Award & Competitions’ Packaging Design Award Category which is

Carlsberg Nordic Collection

Designed by Safari Sundays | Country: United States “Safari Sundays was challenged to design a range of bottles that celebrates the trademark

DrNo Effects

Designed by BoomArtwork | Country: The Netherlands “I created the logo artwork and packaging design for DrNo Effects, a range of vintage

Ital Caffé

Designed by Ingeni Gràfic | Country: Andorra “This Coffee tin is designed to be pure as the coffee inside. We played with colors that are