Cornohora Balsam

Popular designs

Eos Coffee

Designed by Noem9 Studio | Country: Spain “The alarm might go off at 5:00 a.m., but the day doesn’t start until the French press

Wamssler Grand Royale

Designed by Boon How Low | Country: Malaysia “This personal project is started because of my instant crush I had when I first had


Designed by Vipp & Box House | Country: Denmark “It all began with a pedal bin in 1939, but since then Vipp has


This is a great example of how low-tech, and low-budget can still look great. “LOVE HELSINKI is a coffee table exhibition about


Designed by Antti Kangas | Country: Finland “Record cover for the debut 12” vinyl EP of my personal electronic music project, AER20-200. The aim