Popular designs

Student Work – Gaspard Sommer

Designed by Gaspard Sommer | Country: Switzerland “Iguatzú Falls is a cascading water rich in oxygen, lighter and more digestible, which is


Designed by Ziba | Country: United States “New packaging design for Aerie brand cosmetics by American Eagle. The fresh botanical illustration gives

Vintage Packaging – Listerine

This gorgeous packaging for the popular mouthwash more accurately resembles a perfume bottle and is really quite beautiful for such a mundane

Student Work – Kyle Hebert

Designed by Kyle Hebert | Country: United States “Cheese! This conceptual project draws inspiration from a mouse’s favorite food to package itself in

Fruta Del Diablo

Designed by Moxie Sozo | Country: United States “There are a wide variety of salsas in the marketplace, with offerings from small