David Riesenberg

Popular designs

Ozone Coffee Cold Brew

Designed by Macfarlanes Assist | Country: New Zealand “The Ozone Coffee Cold Brew were designed to serve both New Zealand and United

Student Work – Swann Marchon

Designed by Swann Marchon | Country: Austria A packaging concept for HB pencils which doubles as a container and is intended to

Meteor Merlot

Designed by WORK Labs | Country: United States “Being inspired by the name Meteor, we chose to mimic a star-filled night sky.

Student Work – Lina Sponberg

Designed by Lina Sponberg | Country: Sweden “The assignment was to create a fictive coffee brand of fine edition ground coffee.”

La Condesa

Designed by Mucca Design | Country: United States “After researching the vibrant visual landscape in the Condesa neighborhood, we were excited to