Designers Anonymous Water Bottle

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Vaspiatta Coffee

Designed by Diferente | Country: Poland Warsaw based Diferente created these packages for Vaspiatta Coffee’s finest blend of Arabica coffee beans.

Biosphere – Fine Honduran Cacao

Designed by Michal Slovák | Country: Slovakia “Around 99.99% of world cacao tree production is growing on plantations. The rest, 0.01% of world production

Siid Cha

Designed by Victor Branding Design Corp. | Country: Taiwan “Siid Cha” originated from unsophisticated Hakka Culture in which they have dense emotions toward grains. Reserving

Kürzer Alt

Designed by Designbüro Gregorio | Country: Germany “Kürzer Alt is a new beer from a microbrewery called “Brauerei Kürzer” in Duesseldorf. The brewery

Schloss Hohenkammer

Designed by Keller Maurer Design | Country: Germany “Gut Eichethof, the manor of Schloss Hohenkammer, is run as a strictly organic farm. Cooking