Devin Leggett

Popular designs

The Playground

Designed by Sage | Country: Australia “The Playground is a brand born out of experimenting or ‘playing’ with different grape varieties. Only

The Bible of Barbecue

Designed by JWT Brazil | Country: Brazil Some might argue that this doesn’t classify as packaging, others will say it does. Either

Student Work – Ashley Hohnstein

Designed by Ashley Hohnstein | Country: United States “In Good Health is a brand of muesli aimed at the average, middle-class consumer. Nowadays,

Student Work – Roberta Zanette

Designed by Roberta Zanette | Country: Brazil | Font: Sketch Block “In 2009, I graduated in Industrial Design at UniRitter (Porto Alegre,

Paddywax Journey of the Bee

Designed by Paddywax & Principle | Country: United States “Journey of the Bee was inspired by the bee’s journey to pollination.  The