Dustin Edward Arnold

Popular designs

Wicked Energy Drink

Designed by War Design | Illustration: Kian Forreal | Country: Australia War teamed up with tattoo artist Kian Forreal to design P&N

Tulip Winery

Designed by Israel Yosseph | Country: Israel “A series of labels for Tulip winery, Israel. These premium wine bottles required prestigious labels, so the high


Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom “Zest is an all-natural range of pasta sauces and pestos with nothing to hide. The


Designed by PalauGea | Country: Spain “Birdy is an ecologically produced extra virgin olive oil made from olive trees in the property

Student Work – Bryan Ku

Designed by Bryan Ku | Country: United States “Realizing that most people have a difficult time gauging how much pasta to cook.