Eau de Stranger

Popular designs

Belvoir Fruit Farms

Designed by Big Fish | Country: United Kingdom | Buy it Many thanks to Big Fish Design for sending in this beautiful


Designed by Anna Geslev | Country: Israel Fun and colorful packaging for Igloo Ice Cream created by Israeli designer Anna Geslev.


Designed by Hattomonkey | Country: Russia “Package design for Elmika’s Bran and Crisp for local and international markets.”

Blossa Glögg

Designed by BVD | Country: Sweden | Fonts used: hand lettering, Fat Face, Futura Black, and Gill Sans Shadowed. See also: Frieze.

Student Work – Audun Stien

Designed by Audun Stien | Country: Norway “The story began in San Antonio, Texas 1948 when the children of Mac Frankie started hanging