Popular designs


Designed by Cowan | Country: Australia “Adults Only – Muesli bars have traditionally been perceived by consumers as a kids’ snack, finding

Student Work – Meeta Panesar

Designed by Meeta Panesar | Country: United States “The design is inspired by the colors and designs of Joseph Albers and the

Student Work – Jose Rivas

Designed by Jose Rivas | Country: Canada “Harvest Hills – The approach was to personify a wholesome everyday snack with grassroots qualities

Bot Beverages

Designed by TDA | Country: United States “New packaging for enhanced water Bot marks the brand’s relaunch as an adult-targeted beverage. The


Designed by Joshua Distler | Country: United States “Packaging and original typeface concept for designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew whose work de-contextualizes items of