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Food that’s every bit as simple as a hunter on a carrot is… wait, what?
The equine industry is at a tipping point. Horses are no longer viewed as mere livestock but instead held in the same regard as other domesticated pets. Unfortunately, most food producers in the category do not reflect this shift. Many are still producing food that contains processed ingredients with little to no nutritional value. And their packaging reflects this.

Limited Edition SKYY Vodka

Designed by Mode Design Group | Country: United States “New York branding and design agency Mode Design Group has designed a custom,

CK One & CK Be Bottle MP3 Players

Thanks to Lovely Package® reader Thelma for giving us the heads up on this. “As a fragrance alone, CK One would probably not be

Sweet Spain

Designed by Pau Puig | Country: Spain “Sweet Spain is a Spanish company that produces typical sweets native to Spain. The packaging is based on a modular system for the

Yellow Owl Workshop

Designed by Yellow Owl Workshop | Country: United States A simple hand-printed canvas bag is a great reusable packaging option to organize