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Popular designs

Everland Rebrands Den Gamle Fabrik

Everland created a new brand universe to make the customers fall in love with the old brand again. The rebranding highlights the rich craftsmanship and the heritage of the brand.


Designed by AIAIAI | Country: Denmark “The A-stand is designed to serve a functional and practical need in improving the ergonomic work

Lithuanian Vodka Black Edition

Designed by Studija Creata | Country: Lithuania “The most popular vodka in Lithuania ‘Lithuanian Vodka’ amazes us all again with their extraordinary design.

Jaspi Blanc

Designed by Atipus | Country: Spain “The “blanc” is the white wine grape variety of the Jaspi collection. It has a fresh

Grappa Norton

Designed by Estudio Iuvaro | Country: Argentina “Label design is not simply dressing the bottle, it implies the understanding of the product