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Designed by Marx Design | Country: New Zealand “Despite being around for centuries, the cashew or coconut-based liquor called Feni is relatively

Student Work – Dennis de Leon

Designed by Dennis de Leon | Country: Canada Freshly graduated from the Advanced Graphic Design program at Red River College in Winnipeg,

Vino Fino

Designed by Belancio | Country: United States “Belancio created the new luxury wine brand Vino Fino. The branding included a hand crafted wood

One Less Drop

Designed by Heckler Design | Country: United States “The product’s mass and shine are its primary selling points. Wrapping it tightly in

Holli Mølle

Designed by Strømme Throndsen Design | Country: Norway | Font: Helvetica Ultra Compressed “Holli Mølle is a small organic mill in Eastern