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Must Men

Designed by Oi Design Studio | Country: Israel “The Brief: When The Strauss group fixed the intention of launching a  series of

Air Aroma

Designed by The Graphic Order | Country: Australia “Consisting of 38 different fragrances, this packing design is for scent branding company Air Aroma. Each

Blindmice Socks

Designed by Elephant In The Room | Country: United States | Buy It Blindmice socks are purposely mismatched pairs in minimalist packaging.

Mig Mig

Designed by Senyor Estudi | Country: Spain “Mig Mig –Fifty-Fifty in Catalan– is a wine of contrasts. Tradition and modernity. Experience and knowledge. Two

Student Work – Carli Shipley

Designed by Carli Shipley | Country: United States “In efforts to reuse, versus recycle, I designed a package that would enable the