French Paper Pop Ink Soap

Popular designs

Honey Hunter

Designed by Fresh Chicken | Country: Russia “Honey hunters are people who gather honey from wild bee colonies. Designers of Fresh chicken agency treated

ACME 4 Function Pen

Designed by Larissa Brandao | Country: United States The Creative Circus student Larissa Brandao sent us one of her projects. “Inspired by

Salvador Coffee

Designed by Co Partnership | Country: Australia “Salvador are roasters of fine imported coffee beans from around the world. Their high-grade roasts

Chromjuwelen Motor Öl

Designed by Donkey | Country: Germany “Chromjuwelen Motor Öl, jointly conceived by MVG® Mathé-Schmierstof ftechnik and Chromjuwelen, is based on the needs

Student Work – Kirill Ermoshin

Designed by Kirill Ermoshin | Country: Russia “Expedition is a shop in Russia which sells different goods for city dwellers which like to