Fygein Adynaton

Popular designs

Elle Macpherson Intimates

Designed by Container | Country: China/Australia “Container has helped Elle Macpherson Intimates add value to their customer experience. A drawer box for

Roberto Verino Gold

Designed by Alter Bi | Country: Spain “A tribute to a woman’s delicacy based in these concepts: Dandelion and dusty colors. Pink

Student Work – Emanuel Cohen

Designed by Emanuel Cohen | Country: Canada Lovely student work with a clever opening system, which you can see in action here.

Student Work – Ryan Bosse

Designed by Ryan Bosse | Country: United States Five Point art supplies are art products that appeal to the 20 to 40

ELLG Gourmet

Designed by thisislove™ | Country: Portugal | Fonts used: FF DIN Beautiful work from Portugal based thisislove™ for ELLG Gourmet chocolate.