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Popular designs

This is Origami

Designed by Magdalena Czarnecki | Country: Australia | Font: ITC Caslon No. 224 “Empty paperbags, containing simple step by step instructions on


  Designed by YuJo! Creatividad Aplicada & Rodrigo Mercado | Country: Mexico “Creencias is tequila distilled with respect to its history, its original process and yourself.


Designed by Francisco Rueda | Country: Mexico “Local legend tells that a small incandescent rock fell near the town’s mezcal maker’s home, creating

Puria Mineral Water

Designed by Dreamworx | Country: Bulgaria | Font: Sloop “The idea behind this very exclusive mineral water design is very very simple

Double Vienna

Designed by D-Lab | Country: Brazil “Concept and creation of a beer label Double Vienna for Morada Cia Etilica from Curitiba, Brazil.