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Popular designs


Designed by Porta4 Design Studio | Country: Chile “Terrakunza is a gourmet cookie project that grabs the original distinctive Chilean ethnic groups’

Deliplus Toothpaste

Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos | Country: Spain “One of the design objectives was to comunicate the idea of an efficient, detailed


Designed by Angelini Design | Country: Italy “New Amarelli packs by Angelini Design. This new packaging is the latest “pearl” that Angelini Design

Sardine Paper Clips

Designed by OTOTO | Country: Israel Fun packaging in the form of a reusable tin for Animi Causa’s sardine paper clips. Who

Karadag Wine

Designed by Nadie Parshina | Country: Russia Beautiful packaging designed to bring attention to the disappearing fauna living in Karadag, a natural