House Wine Co.

Popular designs


Designed by FeedbackMP | Country: Spain “New wine packaging design by FeedbackMP Barcelona for Celistia wine from Costers del Sió winery located in

Helvetica Blu-ray

Designed by Experimental Jetset | Country: The Netherlands “In 2007, we were involved in a documentary about the typeface Helvetica, a movie

Harry Brompton’s

Designed by Cartils | Country: United Kingdom “Unique in the world as a premium alcoholic ice tea, Harry Brompton’s was launched this


Designed by Krghettojuice | Country: Italy “Cosmogel is a brand new Italian cosmetic company. Work developed teaming with the Eurika staff.”

Student Work – Jamie Conkleton

Designed by Jamie Conkleton | Country: United Kingdom Beautiful packaging concepts from this recent graduate. “The aim of this project was to