Ian Grais

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada “This interactive CD package was designed for Jive Talk’s latest album ’123 Jump!’. To enhance fans’ experience with the band, we created an online

Popular designs

Fieldʼs Flora Art Cards

Designed by Wink | Country: United States | Font used: lettering in a Copperplate Script style. “Marshall Field’s teamed up with the

Student Work – Chad Kirsebom

Designed by Chad Kirsebom | Country: United States “The goal of this project was to create a package set for a health and


Designed by BlueBossa | Country: Brazil “Commemorative toast made celebrating the first year of BlueBossa. Pen-drive containing songs of the artist Roberto

Student Work – Retno Hadiningdiah

Designed by Retno Hadiningdiah | Country: Australia “The brief was to create packaging for a premium of absinthe. I chose the name The Black Sheep

J.Hampton Apothecary

Designed by Jim Hargreaves | Country: United States “I developed the J.Hampton Apothecary packaging and brand as a high-end line of mens