Ian Grais

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Student Work – Diego Aguilar

Designed by Diego Aguilar | Country: Brazil Some more work from Brazilian design student Diego Aguilar. Check out more of his work

Sassy Sparkling

Designed by Public Creative | Country: Australia “Capel Vale Wines is a pioneer in the Western Australian wine industry and amongst the

Bone Snapper Rye Whiskey

Designed by CODO Design | Country: United States “The folks behind Bone Snapper Rye Whiskey decided early on to go with the

Péter Wetzer Wines

Designed by László Mihály Naske | Country” Hungary “Handmade’ still confers an air of high esteem on objects, which is why I was

Miller Genuine Draft

Designed by Slava Fedutik | Country: Russia | Font: Bank Gothic Beautiful pattern-oriented packaging concepts for Miller beer.