Popular designs

Dog Days

Designed by Epoch Design | Country: United Kingdom “In 2012, a local 19-year-old entrepreneur approached us in need of a brand, visual

Au Olive Oil

Designed by WESEMUA | Country: Spain “Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from a pure variety of olives, produced in the famous region

The Elegant Barber

Designed by Adrian Gilling | Country: United States “The Elegant Barber is an identity and packaging concept for a classic men’s barber shop

‘Carrier’ Bags

Designed by Jamie Wieck | Country: United Kingdom Some great work for a carrier bag using the packaging medium itself as the

Sofi Bath Bombs

Designed by Popular Bruketa & Žinić OM | Country: Serbia “Sofi, a small family production of organic handmade cosmetics, is a client our