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Popular designs

Student Work – Chad Kirsebom

Designed by Chad Kirsebom | Country: United States “The goal of this project was to create a package set for a health and

Mack Breweries

Designed by Tank Design | Country: Norway Brief: The total product range of Mack Breweries is too fragmented and widespread. Create a


Designed by Stockholm Design Lab | Country: Sweden “A sparkling elixir reminiscent of spring. From the virginal wine-making region of Jämtland. Original

Big Rock Brewery

Designed by Straydog Marketing + Design | Country: Canada “To create an grass roots experience, the typography and illustrations were hand-drawn. We

Williams-Sonoma Pasta

Designed by Williams-Sonoma Brand Packaging Dept. | Country: United States “As part of the new ‘pantry essentials’ line of products within the Williams-Sonoma