Popular designs

Brio & Vardo

Designed by Studio h | Country: United Kingdom “Branding and packaging design by Studio h for Brio and Vardo, two new brands


Designed by SDG | Country: Norway | Fonts used: Belizio “Rogaland Konservefabrikk is a small-scale producer that has been attracting devotees in

El Almacén

Designed by Atolón de Mororoa | Country: Uruguay “El Almacén is a restaurant located in Manantiales, Punta del Este, one of the major


Designed by Estudio Mllongo | Country: Spain “The design has been based on a low-chic strategy, giving as a result an innovative and

Pink Glasses

Designed by Luksemburk | Country: Poland “Do you have any doubts that the pink glasses have the amazing power of mood improving? Concept for