Designed by Follow Us | Country: Argentina “We designed Confitte’s packaging by intertwining their own creative production with the design ideas that their “paper” wallet inspired

Designed by Marnich & Associates | Country: Spain Simple type-driven design for the delivery boxes for a product distributor and wholesaler. The type tessellates together nicely

Designed by Caleb Owen Everitt | Country: United States Kraft tubes screenprinted in a single colour are used to package tees for this bicycle company.

Designed by KO Creative | Country: United Kingdom “Chocolate maker Mr Popple creates his bars using only raw cacao and organic, natural ingredients making them super

“…I wanted the packaging to feel like you’d visited a port of call and just had your passport stamped. The labels are designed to work with

Designed by Emanuel Cohen | Country: Canada Lovely student work with a clever opening system, which you can see in action here. via Packaging | UQAM

Designed by Jeff Holmberg | Country: United States “The label is customized by rubber stamping the coffee variety and hole punching the bean and weight information.

Designed by Funnel | Country: United States Absolutely gorgeous vintage-inspired packaging featuring chipboard containers and beautiful, die-cut labels. “Linnea’s Lights™ candles combine all natural soy wax,

Designed by BVD | Country: Sweden Designed in 2004 for Swedish clothing giant H&M, these gift boxes and bags really epitomize the light-hearted, cheap-chic nature of

Designed by BBDK | Country: United States Lovers of minimalism will enjoy this packaging solution for a Scandanavian flatware company. “A selection of proposed packaging solutions

Popular designs

Student Work – Adrian Gilling

Designed by Adrian Gilling | Country: United States “This project is a conceptual design for a Malbec wine packaging called “VIN”. I

Good Co.

Designed by Landor | Country: Australia “o give the brand its voice, we took inspiration from the shops’ office-lobby locations and borrowed


Designed by PhillipeBecker | Country: United States “A new destination brand with signature ingredients from around the globe.”

Alexa Lixfeld

Designed by Alexa Lixfeld | Country: Germany “Hamburg designer Alexa Lixfeld has designed a range of perfume bottles with concrete tops. Called

Student Work – Jonathan Faust

Designed by Jonathan Faust | Country: Denmark “A packaging redesign of “Frem” which is a Danish soft drink company. I designed twelve unique bottles