La Queleña

Popular designs


Designed by DesignBridge | Country: United Kingdom “To rebuild confidence in its background, we took the two prominent brand colours and made


Designed by Fammilia | Country: Spain “Our story comes from Sicily (Italy), home of the meat cur, our great-grandparents came to the coast of

Student Work – Tyler Hamilton

Designed by Tyler Hamilton | Country: United States “Dr Bronner’s liquid soap, lotion, bar soap, body balm, and 4 pack sampler of shampoo, conditioner,

Student Work – Adrián Froufe

Designed by Adrián Froufe | Country: Italy “100×100 is a brand dedicated to organic food that seeks to create links between rural producers

Maison Dandoy

Designed by Base Design | Country: Belgium “With values rooted in the past but a business plan oriented toward the future, Dandoy