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Popular designs

Pravda Vodka

Designed by Samantha Ziino | Country: Australia This package looks and feels ultra clean and the all-white bottle would be sure to

Malibu Pop & Street Art Series

Designed by La MJC | Country: France “La MJC came up with this idea of re-designing Malibu bottles in “pop” interpretations by


Designed by TGIF | Country: Hong Kong “JOSA light bulb – A bold and contemporary approach for the packaging is designed to

Grumpy Mule

Designed by Manifest Communications | Country: United Kingdom “Grumpy Mule was a coffee brand in need of some love. And a bit

Johnny Cupcakes Firecracker T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes have become known for their creative use of packaging throughout the years. A fine exapmple is this limited edition firecracker