Lemonies Estate

Popular designs

El Paso Chile Co.

Designed by Louise Fili | Country: United States “Using wood type faces and bold primary colors gives this chili mix, which comes

Mack Isbjørn

Designed by by north™ | Country: Norway “In February 2014 Mack Isbjørn is back on the shelves after being away since 2007.

Student Work – Ryan Chung

Designed by Ryan Chung | Country: Canada “The brief: To create an identity for a line of vitamins sold in upmarket health


Designed by Igal Hodirker | Country: Israel “The power of white is sometimes really underrated. As a designer I often hear “make

Hashi – #@$#!

Designed by Hattomonkey | Country: Russia “Hattomonkey has created a packaging design of hot sauce “Hashi” based on unique “non-censored” view. There